Tigernola  Mixed Selection- 5 Pack

Tigernola Mixed Selection- 5 Pack

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Delight your gut and tastebuds with the five nutrient dense tigernut granola flavours.

Expertly crafted by nutritionist and leading gut health researchers combining carefully selected gut friendly, immune boosting plants and botanicals. These includes Tigernuts, Tumeric, Baobab, Matcha, Moringa, Raw Cacao, Ceylon Cinnamon and more.


Tigernuts are nutrient dense root vegetables rich in fibre, iron and Vitamin E.


Perfect with yoghurt, smoothie bowls or as a snack eaten straight out of the bag!


Vegan | Keto | Grain Free | Gluten Free | Prebiotic


Cacao Crunch x1

Golden Tumeric x 1

Baobab & Vanilla x 1

Maple Cinnamon x1

Super Greens (Moringa & Matcha) x1

  • Flavours

    Cacao Crunch - A perfect balance of nutrition and indulgence without the guilt!  We added raw cacao which is full of nutrients including antioxidants, flavanoids and minerals.

    Maple Cinnamon - Tigernuts with wholesome seeds, sweet ceylon cinnamon and grade A maple syrup for your perfectly crunchy nibbles.

    Baobab and Vanilla - Delight your tastebuds with our tigernut granola combined with vitamin C and calcium rich baobab powder. 

    Golden Tumeric - The wonderful aroma and nourishing taste of tumeric in this tigernut granola is simply amazing!

    Super Greens - Serenity inducing green powders - Matcha and Moringa fused with tigernuts to keep you focused thoroughout the day.

  • Ingredients & Nutrition

    Cacao Crunch Tigernut Granola Ingredients : Tigernuts*, Sunflower Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut flakes, Chia Seed, Maple Syrup, Cacao powder, Cacao butter, Chicory root fibre, Madagascan pure vanilla extract, Himalayan pink salt.

    Golden Tumeric Tigernola Ingredients:Tigernuts*, Sunflower seeds*,Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Pumpkin seeds*, Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, Chia seeds*, Grace A Maple syrup*, Chicory root fibre*, Tumeric powder*(2%), Ceylon Cinnamon*, Chilli powder*, Black pepper*.

    Baobab & Vanilla Tigernola Ingredients:  Tigernuts*, Sunflower seeds*, Pumpkin seeds*, Extra virgin Coconut oil*, Chia seeds*, Coconut flakes,* Maple syrup, Chicory root fibre, Baobab fruit powder* (2%), Madagascan pure vanilla extract*

    Super Greens Tigernola Ingredients:Tigernuts* Sunflower seeds* Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*,Pumpkin seeds* Unsweetened Coconut flakes*, Chia seeds* Maple syrup, Chicory root fibre, Moringa powder*(1%), Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder*(1%), Madagascan Vanilla Extract*.

    Maple Cinnamon Tigernola Ingredients:Tigernuts*, Sunflower seeds*, Pumpkin seeds*, Chia seeds*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Unsweetened Coconut flakes*, Maple Syrup, Chicory root fibre*, Flame raisins*, Ceylon Cinnamon, Madagacan pure vanilla extract*.

    *Organic ingredients 

    Allergens: May contain traces of nuts.

    Nutritional Information

    Servings per container 7 / 40g serving

    Nutriton per 100g

    Energy 1807kj/ 431kcal 

    Fat 16g

    Carbohydrate 15..5g

    Protein 12.2g

    Fibre 15g





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