Tigernut granola sampler -3pack

Tigernut granola sampler -3pack


A sample of the three immunity booster tigernola. 

Golden Tumeric   x 1

Baobab & Vanilla x 1

Super Greens (Moringa & Matcha) x1


  • Ingredients & Nutrition

    Golden Tumeric Tigernola Ingredients:Tigernuts*, Sunflower seeds*,Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Pumpkin seeds*, Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, Chia seeds*, Grace A Maple syrup*, Chicory root fibre*, Tumeric powder*(2%), Ceylon Cinnamon*, Chilli powder*, Black pepper*.

    Baobab & Vanilla Tigernola Ingredients:  Tigernuts*, Sunflower seeds*, Pumpkin seeds*, Extra virgin Coconut oil*, Chia seeds*, Coconut flakes,* Maple syrup, Chicory root fibre, Baobab fruit powder* (2%), Madagascan pure vanilla extract*

    Super Greens Tigernola Ingredients:Tigernuts* Sunflower seeds* Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*,Pumpkin seeds* Unsweetened Coconut flakes*, Chia seeds* Maple syrup, Chicory root fibre, Moringa powder*(1%), Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder*(1%), Madagascan Vanilla Extract*.

    *Organic ingredients 

    Allergens: May contain traces of nuts.

    Nutritional Information

    Servings per container 7 / 40g serving

    Nutriton per 100g

    Energy 1807kj/ 431kcal 

    Fat 16g

    Carbohydrate 15..5g

    Protein 12.2g

    Fibre 15g

  • Flavours

    Cacao Crunch - A perfect balance of nutrition and indulgence without the guilt!  We added raw cacao which is full of nutrients including antioxidants, flavanoids and minerals.

    Maple Cinnamon - Tigernuts with wholesome seeds, sweet ceylon cinnamon and grade A maple syrup for your perfectly crunchy nibbles.

    Baobab and Vanilla - Delight your tastebuds with our tigernut granola combined with vitamin C and calcium rich baobab powder. 

    Golden Tumeric - The wonderful aroma and nourishing taste of tumeric in this tigernut granola is simply amazing!

    Super Greens - Serenity inducing green powders - Matcha and Moringa fused with tigernuts to keep you focused thoroughout the day.


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