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Tigernuts are the star ingredient in our products. Tigernuts are actually not nuts, they are nutrient dense root tubers known to be existing since the nut cracker man. Used for many centuries to treat digestive issues and many medicinal purposes from enemas to oral medications in Ancient Egypt. 

Tigernuts are high in fibre, iron, potassium and Vitamin E.They contain resistant starch and prebiotics which feeds the good bacteria in the guts.

Tigernuts is a sustainable plant as it grows with little to no water.

Tigernuts Ice cream


 our story 

We make scrumptious plant-based food from African plants and botanicals.

The products are inspired by the memories of time spent in the kitchen with our grandma-Ruby. She introduced us to the nutrient dense root vegetable -Tigernuts* and other nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

Been lactose intolerant, I tried loads of alternative mylks with no real satisfaction untill I remembered my grandma's special drink- Kunun Aya (Tigernuts Milk Drink).  I preferred the taste and spent several hours in the kitchen making different things with the tigernuts milk. These experiments lead to the ice cream, superfood TIGERNOLA and other products coming soon.

 We take extra care in sourcing our ingredients and ensuring that the farmers are paid beyond a fair wage. For every product purchased, a portion of the profits goes to training and providing employment support for women.


Tigernuts are not nuts, they are root tubers known to be in existence since Ancient Egypt and as part of Ayurvedic medicine in China. They are high in fibre, iron and other vitamins.  They are also a prebiotic which feeds the bacteria in the gut.



“This is the best icecream in the world PERIOD!"



  "This is some ice cream WIZARDRY!!!  Suuuper creamy couldn't tell the                          absence of dairy" - @Sophiesplate

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